Angkor Wat in Cambodia

How to Enjoy Visiting Angkor Wat Temple

If you have never visited Angkor Wat temple before, knowing some tips for enjoying visiting Angkor Wat is a really cool thing. As Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in Cambodia we can enjoy visiting this temple in the early morning and late afternoon which means it can be a little bit hot in the noon. But visiting in the late afternoon is so much wonderful. You can wait and see the sun set, Super cool view if you can see it from Angkor Wat temple. You can see more people come to this great temple rather than in the morning.
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Experience Angkor Wat: Cambodia's Archeological Gem

Imagine discovering a hidden city; one whose regal and impressive architecture had been claimed by the surrounding jungle over decades? Imagine finding a lost city. This is exactly what Frenchman Henri Mahout did when he re-discovered Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The city of temples was constructed over 4 centuries and built for kings: today, it is Cambodia's pride and a leading destination for visitors and residents alike. Experience Angkor Wat, one of the most beautiful and intriguing sites in the world.
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Angkor Wat Tours - Discover the Temples of Cambodia

Cambodia is culturally one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia despite being one of the smallest and poorest. It is famous for two principal reasons; firstly the magnificent temples of Angkor and secondly Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Now the threat of the Khmer Rouge has been fully extinguished revenue from touring the ancient ruins of Angkor is of utmost importance to the Cambodian government and people. With the myriad of tour companies offering guided tours to this UNESCO World Heritage Site it is important to choose the company most suited to your requirements.
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Tips on Traveling to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

There are few places in Asia that still have the old world charm where you are surrounded by the flavor and culture of the country more than Cambodia. Compared to some of its neighbors, Cambodia hasn't been washed away by modernity and western commercialism. For travelers who have seen it all and are rarely impressed, Cambodia will not disappoint and you will truly feel like you are in a foreign land. Cambodia is also a very affordable place to visit, once you get there. A small budget can take you much farther in Cambodia than anywhere in Europe.
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Angkor Wat Vacation - Find Your Cheapest Travel Holiday Vacations.

The town of Siem Reap, in northern Cambodia, is the primary access point for the Angkor Archaeological Park. The name Siem Reap literally means "Siam Defeated". These days, however, the only rampaging hordes are the tourists heading to the Angkor Archaeological Park. This once quaint village has become the largest boom town and construction site in Cambodia. It is quite laid-back and a pleasant place to stay while touring the temples. Since Siem Reap is a major tourist destination, prices in some instances are higher than elsewhere in Cambodia. Expect to receive almost constant offers for motodop and tuk-tuk rides, along with everything else which drivers may be able to offer to you.
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